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About Us

DiRoma is the perfect place where Italian traditions are combined with the creativity of modern recipes. 


We specialize in Romana Tonda” pizza style, our pizza dough is proudly made in-house every day, ensuring its freshness and quality.

Each pizza we craft is meticulously created with the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection at 400 degrees. 

Our menu showcases a delightful range of options, from the timeless classics of traditional Italian pizzas to our own unique and innovative signature gourmet creations. 

At DiRoma, we believe in pushing the boundaries, we redefine the art of pizza-making while preserving the essence of our Italian heritage.

Our dedication doesn't stop at pizza alone. We also invite you to try our selection of pasta dishes, prepared to satisfy your cravings. 

DiRoma takes you to the heart of Italy, where passion meets flavor, 

food meets culture, and traditions intertwine with innovations. 


“Tutte le strade portano a DiRoma...”

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